Virtual Showdown: MVHS Students Shine at Maine State Science Fair

Maine State Science Fair Results: Five MVHS Students Earn Top Placements

On Saturday, March 23, 26 students from Medomak Valley High School in Waldoboro participated in the Maine State Science Fair. Due to unforeseen circumstances, the fair was shifted to a virtual setting with students having a single 10-15 minute Zoom interview with their judges. Despite the change in format, the MVHS students were able to showcase their projects and compete against approximately 250 students from 24 schools across the state.

Five projects from MVHS students placed within the top three of their respective categories at the science fair. Sam Parent received first place in the computer science category for his project on using drones and neural networks to detect crop disease. Ace Moberly took second place in the plant science (agriculture) category for their project on using eel wastewater as a fertilizer treatment. Lyra Puchalski secured third place for her animal science project focusing on the impact of carbon dioxide on the ciliary function of blue mussels. Additionally, Anna Weber and Micaela Lorentzen were awarded third place in the plant science category for their project on reducing eutrophication through arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi. David Creamer placed third in biological sciences and engineering for his study on the impact of blue light on fruit flies.

Jack Martin received a full tuition, renewable scholarship worth nearly $40,000 to the University of Southern Maine while Elisah Stanton received Reach Award which recognizes promising first-year students, Anna Possee was offered a scholarship worth up to $20,000 to attend University of New England. The success of these students at Maine State Science Fair highlights their dedication to scientific research and commitment to excellence in their projects.

The virtual format allowed students to present their work remotely but still had an opportunity to be evaluated by experts in their fields. This experience has taught them valuable skills such as communication and adaptability that will serve them well throughout their careers.

Overall, it is clear that these MVHS students are passionate about scientific research and dedicated to achieving excellence in all they do

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