Valiant Heroes: The Negev’s Hospitals Recognized for Their Dedicated Care and Life-Saving Efforts

Ben-Gurion University’s ‘President’s Award’ to be presented to hospitals in the south

The Negev region is home to some of Israel’s most crucial hospitals, which play a vital role in providing dedicated care with a commitment to saving lives and ensuring the rehabilitation of the wounded. These frontline and central hospitals have efficiently recruited medical teams from all over the country and created a cooperative environment to deliver quality care to residents of the surrounding area and soldiers.

The hospital teams’ tireless dedication reflects their commitment to providing optimal care in critical situations, whether it’s an emergency or routine care. They work together with their partners to train medical teams, conduct joint research, and address the needs of the Negev region. This collaboration showcases the quality and dedication of the hospital teams, earning deep respect and appreciation for their work.

Dr. Barenboim, CEO of Assuta Ashdod Public Hospital, expressed gratitude for the recognition and highlighted the hospitals’ outstanding performance during recent challenges. Dr. Hezi Levy, Director of Barzilai University Medical Center, and Dr. Shlomi Kodesh, Director of Soroka University Medical Center, also thanked the president of the university for the recognition and praised their staff’s dedication in providing life-saving treatment during emergencies.

The award will be officially presented at a ceremony in May 2024, honoring these hospitals’ exceptional contributions and commitment to saving lives in the Negev region. Their hard work has not gone unnoticed; they are true heroes who deserve our admiration and support as they continue to provide critical care to those who need it most.

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