Uvalde PD’s Guardian Initiative: Enhancing Mental Health and Family Violence Investigations through Collaboration

New mental health and family violence investigator appointed at Uvalde Police Department

The Uvalde Police Department in San Antonio has created a new position focused on mental health and family violence investigations as part of the Guardian Initiative. Det. Corp. Jessica Zamora, with over seven years of law enforcement experience, has been appointed as the new Mental Health/Family Violence Police Investigator for Uvalde PD. Zamora’s role will involve following up with individuals who have experienced mental health crises or family violence to ensure they receive the necessary resources.

Zamora, who has earned two associate degrees from Southwest Texas Junior College and an Advanced Peace Officer Certification, has also undergone training with various units related to behavioral threats, family violence, and mental health at the Southwest Texas Fusion Center and San Antonio PD. Chief Delgado emphasized the importance of working together with community partners to make a significant difference in the lives of individuals experiencing crises.

Uvalde PD is actively seeking collaboration with mental health professionals, medical personnel, and clergy members to strengthen its support network. The department’s commitment to improving police services and the well-being of the community through this initiative demonstrates its dedication to enhancing services and addressing critical issues in the community.

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