Turning Plastic Waste into Innovative Materials: The Story of Le Pavé’s Eco-Friendly Chairs

Paris 2024 Embraces Sustainability with Nearly 500 Social and Solidarity Companies Participating

Eleven thousand eco-friendly chairs have been created for the Aquatic Centre and La Chapelle Arena using sustainable materials developed as part of the Le Pavé project. This initiative, undertaken by three young entrepreneurs, focuses on turning plastic waste into innovative materials that can replace traditional materials like cement and virgin plastic. The chairs serve as a testament to the potential of eco-friendly production methods.

Nine social businesses have secured contracts worth EUR 1.6 million to provide cleaning and laundry services to the 24,000 residents of the Olympic and Paralympic Village. These businesses will play a crucial role in ensuring the cleanliness and hygiene of the living spaces during the events.

In addition to these efforts, women facing life challenges have joined forces with H.A.W.A AU FÉMININ, a company that provides training in fashion-related activities. Together, they have repurposed used textile materials from the Arena Porte de la Chapelle construction site to create unique souvenirs. This initiative not only showcases their creativity and skills but also promotes the idea of repurposing materials to reduce waste.

Halage, an association specializing in training individuals who are marginalized from the workforce, has taken on the task of developing green spaces in Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Village. Their efforts will enhance not only

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