Turkey Leg Hut: Houston’s Beloved Restaurant Files for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Amid Ongoing Legal Disputes and Financial Troubles

Turkey Leg Hut declares bankruptcy

The Turkey Leg Hut, a popular restaurant in Houston, has filed for bankruptcy on Tuesday, March 26. This move comes after the restaurant was ordered to pay over $900,000 to a former business partner in a lawsuit.

The strange circumstances surrounding a fire at the restaurant’s business office and ongoing legal issues have led to financial troubles for the Turkey Leg Hut. In a court hearing on Tuesday, a receiver was appointed to handle the restaurant’s assets and funds to help pay off debts.

With a debt of $2 million in state tax revenue and the lawsuit from former business partner Steve Rogers, the Turkey Leg Hut decided to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. This move will put a stop to collection efforts while the restaurant continues discussions with financial stakeholders to reposition the business.

Since opening in 2016, the Turkey Leg Hut has faced controversy and legal battles, becoming a focal point for discussions on race and gentrification in Houston. Despite these challenges, the restaurant remains a popular spot in the community.

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