Trump Takes Truth Public: How the Ex-President’s Social Media Network is Raising Billions and Re-Emerging on the Stock Exchange

Donald Trump Takes Truth Social Network Public, Joins Top 500 Wealthiest Individuals in the World

Donald Trump, the former US President and current legal battle participant, has taken his social network Truth public through a merger with a SPAC company. The deal saw Trump own around 60% of Digital World Acquisition Corp., which reached a value of $5.5 billion after its first day of trading. This boosted Trump’s personal wealth to $8.5 billion, ranking him 420th among the world’s richest people according to Bloomberg.

Trump is restricted from selling his shares for the first six months but can use them as collateral for loans. The move to take Truth public has generated significant interest and speculation, particularly as Trump navigates his legal battles and continues his political ambitions. The success of Truth on the stock exchange could have far-reaching implications for Trump’s future endeavors and legacy. Additionally, Trump’s newfound wealth and ranking among the world’s richest individuals may further fuel his aspirations in both the political and business spheres.

This latest development comes at a critical time for Trump as he seeks to solidify his presence in both arenas. With his social network now publicly traded and his personal wealth significantly increased, Trump’s influence and impact on the world stage may continue to grow. The merger of Truth with Digital World Acquisition Corp marks a new chapter in Trump’s post-presidential endeavors, with potential implications for his future plans and legacy.

As investors continue to watch closely, this move has also raised questions about how much control Trump will have over Truth as it moves forward in the public eye. While he remains heavily involved in the company’s operations today, it is unclear what role he will play moving forward.

Overall, this latest development underscores just how much power and influence Donald Trump still holds, even outside of the White House. As he continues to navigate legal battles and pursue political ambitions, taking Truth public represents a major step forward in solidifying that influence both politically and financially.

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