The Yankees’ Playoff Hopes Facing Major Doubts: Stat Analysts Vs. Sportsbooks

Baseball Reference Predicts Yankees to End Season in Last Place

The stat analysts at Baseball Reference are not optimistic about the Yankees’ chances of making it to the playoffs in 2024. They predict that the team will only have a 2.7% chance to make it, with a projected win total of just 71.6 games. This is significantly worse than the projections for both the Pirates and Ohtani-less Angels.

However, Fangraphs have a different outlook on things, projecting that the Yankees will win 88 games, which is fourth in all of baseball. This is a significant improvement from their previous year’s performance.

But BetRivers Sportsbook believes that the Yankees can do even better than Fangraphs’ projection. They predict that the team will win 91.5 games and have the third-best odds to win the most games in baseball at +650. Additionally, they give the Yankees a 77% chance to make it to the playoffs, which is much higher than Baseball Reference’s projection of just 23%.

Despite these projections, there are some concerns about injuries and player performance that could impact the team’s success in 2024. However, if Aaron Judge stays healthy and plays a full season, he has a chance to turn things around from last year’s disappointing season for himself and for his teammates. The addition of Juan Soto should also greatly improve their offense as well as defense

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