The Rockets’ Number Three Pick: A Race to Outdo the Hawks in the 2024 NBA Draft

CBS Sports Mock Draft Places Projected Top Pick with Rockets after Unexpected Slide

The number three pick in the 2024 NBA Draft is currently held by the Houston Rockets, who have several options to consider. However, their decision will have a significant impact on the Atlanta Hawks, who hold the top pick and may be eyeing the same player as the Rockets.

While there has been some recent speculation about potential trade scenarios for the Rockets’ number three pick, their General Manager Rafael Stone has indicated that it is available. Despite this, there hasn’t been much chatter about any actual trades happening.

Initially, mock drafts predicted that Donovan Clingan from Connecticut would be selected by the Rockets. Clingan is a 7-foot-2 big man known for his defensive prowess, making him an attractive prospect for Houston. However, recent speculation suggests that he may not be considered a top-two pick in the upcoming draft.

Currently, Kentucky guard Reed Sheppard is being favored to be chosen by the Rockets. Sheppard is a 3-and-D guard who posted impressive stats in his lone season at Kentucky, making him a desirable choice for Houston. But a recent mock draft by CBS Sports has changed things around; they predict that Zaccharie Risacher will be picked instead of Sheppard.

Risacher is a 6-foot-8 French wing with excellent shooting ability and defensive skills that make him an attractive option for the Rockets. However, his availability at number three is dependent on Atlanta’s decision regarding the top pick. As we get closer to draft day, it will be interesting to see what happens with these picks and how they affect each team’s future prospects in basketball.

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