The F-22 Raptor’s Retirement Leaves American Air Power Observers Disappointed, But Is This the End of Modern American Fighters?

Upgrade for the world’s top fighter jet

The retirement of the F-22 Raptor after less than 30 years of service has left many American air power observers feeling disappointed. However, this is not an unprecedented occurrence as other modern American fighters, such as the Lockheed Martin F-16 and Boeing F-15, have been in operation for 40 years or more with upgrades.

The decision to replace the F-22 says a lot about the Air Force’s anticipation of future wars and where they will take place, particularly over the vast western Pacific Ocean in the event of a Chinese attack on Taiwan. The Air Force is developing a new warplane to replace the F-22, with the belief that it will be better suited for potential conflicts in the future.

The F-22, which cost $300 million per plane, had a long development process that began with the Advanced Tactical Fighter initiative in the 1980s and culminated in production ending in 2012. Despite its advanced features, the F-22 is essentially a Cold War jet designed to counter the Soviet Union from bases in Europe, resulting in limited endurance due to its short range on internal fuel.

However, despite its advanced technology and superior performance, the F-22’s capabilities are tailored to a different era and conflict scenario than what the Air Force anticipates in

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