The Belichick Dynasty: Steve Breaks New Ground with Washington While Bill Takes a Break

Steve Belichick humorously pokes fun at his father, Bill, in a typical Belichick style.

Steve Belichick is making a name for himself in the world of college coaching with the University of Washington, a path his father Bill Belichick never pursued. Despite being known for their serious demeanor, the Belichick family has shown a dry sense of humor, as seen in a recent news conference where Steve Belichick, along with fellow coaches Jedd Fisch and Brennan Carroll, discussed their famous fathers.

When asked about the differences between themselves and their fathers, Carroll took a diplomatic approach, mentioning that he is his “mother’s son.” However, Steve Belichick didn’t hold back and humorously pointed out that he has a job while his father doesn’t. He expressed admiration for his father as a mentor but emphasized that he is his own person and looks forward to working with the team at Washington.

Following his departure from the New England Patriots after 24 seasons as head coach, Bill Belichick has been out of the NFL coaching scene for the first time since 1974. Despite interviewing for one head-coaching position with the Atlanta Falcons this offseason, he was not selected for the job. While there have been rumors of potential media roles for Bill Belichick, it is likely that he will have to wait until next offseason to find his next coaching opportunity in the NFL. In the meantime, Steve Belichick’s joke about his father not having a job remains true.

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