Surge in Traffic Despite Gas Price Increases During Easter: Here’s How Fuel Costs Compare

Operation begins its second phase at Easter, fueled by annual highs

During the holiday period of Easter, Spanish roads are experiencing a surge in traffic with an estimated 16.5 million trips taken. The fluctuating weather has not deterred travelers from hitting the roads, despite the slight increase in gasoline and diesel prices. Gasoline prices have been rising for 10 consecutive weeks and are close to last Easter’s prices, while diesel prices are slightly lower compared to the same time last year.

At the start of the second phase of Operation Exit, gasoline costs stand at 1.63 euros per liter, representing a 1.24% increase from the previous week. Diesel prices have also risen slightly, reaching 1.5 euros per liter, which is 0.52% more than seven days ago. Despite these increases, both fuels remain much lower than the peak prices they reached in the summer of 2022.

Drivers who plan to fill up their tanks before their trips will find that gasoline prices are around 88.88 euros for a full tank, which is slightly cheaper than last Easter. Diesel, on the other hand, will cost around 84.26 euros for a full tank, which is about 17 cents more expensive than in 2023. Prices may vary depending on the service station, with ranges between 1.35 and 1.95 euros for gasoline and 1.16 and 1.99 euros for diesel

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