Steven Seagal’s Controversial Visit to Russia: A Look at His Political Stance and Ties to Putin.

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Steven Seagal, a 71-year-old former Hollywood star and martial arts expert, recently visited Russia to meet with the victims of the Moscow terror attack. The actor, who once praised Vladimir Putin as a “great world leader,” expressed his gratitude for their courage and perseverance through a post on the health ministry’s Telegram account.

Seagal thanked the doctors for their swift response and expressed relief that the patients were doing well and on the road to recovery. Last year, Putin honored Seagal with a top state award for his international humanitarian and cultural contributions. However, Seagal’s ties to Russia and his public support for Putin have generated both praise and criticism, highlighting the complex relationship between politics, celebrity, and international relations.

In 2014, Seagal supported Moscow’s annexation of Crimea, and in 2021 he joined a pro-Kremlin party. He also visited a Russian-controlled region of eastern Ukraine last year and met with a separatist leader, leading to Ukraine banning him from entering the country for five years due to national security concerns. Despite these controversies, Seagal remains committed to promoting peace and understanding between different cultures and nations.

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