Spaniards struggle to let go of outdated gadgets as research reveals 85% keep at least one unused device.

Spanish homes are filled with outdated technological devices gathering dust in drawers

A research conducted in 2024 found that a significant portion of Spaniards hold onto outdated electronic devices at home, with 85% of the population admitting to keeping at least one unused device. The study also revealed that the most popular “relics” among Spaniards are their old mobile phones, with 67% of participants confessing to holding onto older models.

While many people have emotional attachments to their outdated devices, some recognize that it’s time to let go and part with them. Reasons for discarding obsolete technology include selling them second-hand for economic benefit, freeing up space at home, or ensuring they will never be used again.

The study highlights the mixed emotions and practical considerations that come into play when deciding whether to keep or discard old technology. With the rapid pace of technological advancements, it’s essential for individuals to strike a balance between holding onto sentimental items and decluttering their living spaces.

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