Shipwreck Triggers Tragic Collapse of Baltimore’s Francis Scott Key Bridge, Killing Six Construction Workers and Highlighting Safety Concerns in Shipping and Engineering Industries.

Man cross Baltimore bridge just 3 minutes before its collapse following an argument.

A ship crash caused the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore to collapse Tuesday morning, resulting in the death of six construction workers. One Baltimore resident, Jayden, narrowly escaped being on the bridge at the time of the collapse.

Jayden had initially planned to stay overnight at his girlfriend’s home on the north side of the river but after an argument, he crossed the bridge back home. Feeling guilty about the argument, he crossed the bridge a second time but was sent back by his girlfriend. The third time he crossed, just three minutes later, the bridge collapsed.

The ship collision with the bridge’s supports led to this tragedy. However, a distress call from the ship allowed officials to close car traffic across the bridge beforehand. Engineering experts are now pointing to the massive size of the 95,000-ton container ship as a key factor in the bridge’s collapse, with implications for both shipping and engineering industries.

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