Sergio Ermotti: The Best-Paid Banker in Europe in 2023 with Impressive Salary of 14.4 Million Swiss Francs

Europe’s highest-paid banker is UBS CEO, earning over 14 million euros

Sergio Ermotti, the CEO of Swiss banking giant UBS, is the highest-paid banker in Europe, earning 14.4 million Swiss francs for nine months of work. He took over the leadership at UBS in April with the task of managing the takeover of Credit Suisse. Previously, he had led the bank for nine years and brought valuable experience to his new role.

In contrast, Ermotti’s predecessor Ralph Hamers received 12.6 million francs in 2022 for twelve months of work. This significant difference in compensation highlights Ermotti’s impressive salary as the best-paid banker in Europe.

For his efforts, Ermotti earned a commendable 14.4 million francs in 2023, as stated in UBS’s annual report. In comparison, JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon earned $36 million last year, making him one of the highest-paid banking executives globally. Ermotti’s salary reflects his valuable contributions to UBS and the banking industry as a whole.

Ermotti has proven his worth by leading UBS through a challenging period with Credit Suisse takeover while bringing an excellent record from his previous tenure at UBS that lasted nine years.

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