Revolutionizing the Wastewater Treatment Industry: How WASE’s Innovative Technology is Boosting Biogas Production

WASE Raises £8.5M to Expand Waste-to-Energy Technology

The company highlights the significance of investment in its next phase of growth strategy and the implementation of its patented Electro-Methanogenic Reactor technology. This innovative technology is designed to improve the recovery of biogas from organic matter in wastewater, ensuring that Anaerobic Digestion plants achieve the highest possible yields.

According to the company, their units can increase biogas production by 30% and do so up to ten times faster than traditional AD methods. Additionally, the technology boosts the methane content of biogas to over 80%, compared to the more typical 50-60% found in conventional AD processes. The company’s plug-and-play system is designed to seamlessly integrate into existing infrastructure and is significantly smaller, by 50-70%, than other available options. This modular solution allows for customization, making it easier for companies to deploy at their site, resulting in increased energy production and reduced costs in the long term.

Thomas Fudge, Founder and CEO of WASE, envisions their technology setting a new standard in waste treatment and energy sectors by optimizing waste breakdown and boosting methane production. The company aims to play a significant role in the Waste-to-Energy transition by becoming leaders in the biogas market. Carlota Ochoa Neven Du Mont, Extantia Principal, believes that WASE’s approach not only increases biogas and biomethane yields but also reshapes the way industrial businesses view their resources.

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