Revolutionizing Gene Therapy Manufacturing: Introducing the Pro10™ Cell Line for Enhanced Scalability and Efficiency

A Pro10 Cell Line: Proprietary Mammalian Suspension Technology for Scalable rAAV Production

The Pro10™ cell line is a new technology that enhances the efficiency and scalability of recombinant adeno-associated virus (rAAV) production for gene therapy manufacturing. This proprietary mammalian suspension technology has been optimized specifically for rAAV production and has been successfully scaled up to 2000L, demonstrating consistent and reproducible cell growth rates.

As the core of Viralgen’s reliable and scalable rAAV vector manufacturing process, the Pro10™ cells have played a critical role in the production of innovative gene therapies. These cells have been fully characterized and licensed for gene therapy development by various biopharmaceutical companies, making them a valuable tool for reducing process development time and costs.

For more information on the HEK293 derived animal component-free suspension Pro10™ cell line, access the full PDF detailing its capabilities and potential contributions to gene therapy development.

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