Revolutionizing Buffalo’s Sports Scene: The Launch of a Professional Soccer Club

New organization proposes bringing USL team to Buffalo

Buffalo, known for its passion for sports, is set to get its own professional soccer club thanks to the efforts of Peter Marlette Jr. and his group, Buffalo Pro Soccer. With an exclusive partnership with USL, Marlette aims to bring a United Soccer League Championship team to the city by 2026.

As the president of Buffalo Pro Soccer, Marlette is committed to building a winning team that represents the hard work, resilience, innovation, and pride of the community. He believes that bringing professional soccer to Buffalo is not only good for the city’s economy but also adds to its vibrant civic and sports history.

Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown commended Peter Marlette and Buffalo Pro Soccer for their plans to bring professional soccer to the city. He added that it will further enhance Buffalo’s reputation as a great sports city. As a native Buffalonian with experience playing and managing soccer teams, Marlette is determined to make this project happen.

The USL Championship currently features 24 men’s professional teams playing a 34-game regular season from March to October. With an average of nearly 6,000 fans per game and some teams drawing more than 10,000 spectators regularly, it’s clear that there’s a strong fan base for this league. Buffalo Pro Soccer aims to become a part of this thriving soccer league and bring professional soccer to Buffalo in the near future.

Marlette expressed his belief that bringing professional soccer to Buffalo was long overdue and that it was time for the city to have its own team in the growing soccer movement in the United States. He looks forward to collaborating with everyone who believes in Buffalo and writing a new chapter in the city’s vibrant civic and sports history.

Overall, Peter Marlette Jr.’s vision of bringing a United Soccer League Championship team to Buffalo by 2026 is an exciting prospect for both the city and its residents. With his commitment and partnership with USL, he aims to build a winning team that will not only add another feather in Buff

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