Retirement Rejuvenation: The Story of Scarpari Baskets

Elderly Billings couple stay mentally engaged with basket-weaving enterprise

Jill and Paul Scarpari were a couple who found their passion in the art of basket-making. In the early 1990s, they started making baskets as a hobby and eventually turned it into a successful business. Jill had attended her first basket-making class in 1991, and soon became obsessed with the craft.

Meanwhile, Paul was impressed by the intricate designs that Jill created and decided to give it a try himself in 1995. Initially, he struggled with making sturdy baskets, but over time he became proficient at the craft. As their collection grew, their family members grew tired of receiving them as gifts and encouraged them to sell their creations.

The business is now thriving and can be found in various stores such as Frae in Shiloh Commons and Three Rivers Gallery in Big Timber for prices ranging from $20 to $300. For Paul, basket-making is not just about creating beautiful pieces but also providing mental stimulation as there are numerous types and styles of baskets that one can create.

Retirement has given him the freedom to focus on his passion project without any distractions or obligations. The couple takes great pride in producing high-quality baskets that people love and cherish. Their work brings fulfillment to their post-career lives, giving them a sense of purpose and satisfaction that they didn’t have before.

Overall, Scarpari Baskets is not just a business but also an expression of the couple’s creativity and dedication to their craft. They continue to push themselves to create new types of baskets while keeping up with customer demands. Their work has touched many people’s lives, bringing beauty and joy into their homes through unique handmade baskets.

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