Red Bluff High School Senior Erica Lyons Named Science Student of the Month for February

February science student Lyons was appointed

Erica Lyons, a senior student at Red Bluff High School, was recently named the Science Student of the Month for February. With an impressive GPA of 4.05, Lyons has taken courses in Environmental Science, Honors Chemistry, AP Biology, and Anatomy.

Lyons expressed her passion for science by highlighting the endless opportunities for learning and the excitement that comes with exploring different scientific disciplines. She finds science to be engaging and far from boring, unlike some other subjects. Drawing inspiration and motivation from her friends, teachers, and the promising future ahead of her, Lyons stated that she becomes motivated to work harder because she wants to have a good future where she is comfortable.

Looking ahead to her future, Lyons plans to attend Montana State University in Bozeman where she hopes to major in education with a focus on biology. Her dedication to education and love for science are evident in her accomplishments and future aspirations.

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