Protecting Your Sight and Ensuring Safety During the Total Solar Eclipse in Indianapolis: Preparations from the Marion County Public Health Department

Health Department Distributing Eclipse Glasses at Drive-Through Locations and Open House Event

As the total solar eclipse approaches, the Marion County Public Health Department in Indianapolis is taking steps to ensure public safety during this event. Dr. Virginia A. Caine, the health department’s director and chief medical officer, emphasized the importance of protecting vision and ensuring the safety of first responders who will be navigating through increased traffic.

To prepare the community for the eclipse, the health department will be distributing eclipse glasses and safe-viewing information at several events across the city. These events include a drive-through giveaway at Lafayette Square Mall on Tuesday, April 2, and Washington Square Mall on Thursday, April 4. Additionally, an open house will be held at the Marion County Public Health Department on Saturday, April 6, where attendees can also receive health screenings, vaccines, and other services.

As Indianapolis falls within the path of totality on eclipse day, April 8, there is concern for heavy traffic and a large number of visitors traveling to the area. In response to this, the health department will be closing all offices and clinics on April 8 to help manage traffic flow and ensure public safety.

For more information about these events or general inquiries about public safety during

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