Pest Control Expert Cavan Bruederle Joins Douglas Products Team to Drive Business Growth

Douglas Products recruits new business development manager

As a business development manager with over 14 years of experience, Cavan Bruederle is excited to join the Douglas Products team. Bruederle previously worked with Douglas Products at Cardinal Professional Products, where he managed territories along the West Coast and specialized in post-harvest fumigants, including ProFume.

In his new role at Douglas Products, Bruederle will utilize his expertise in pest control and product stewardship training to help the company build and protect mutual business value. One of his significant accomplishments was leading a company’s first-time fumigation with ProFume, which was successful despite facing challenges.

Aric Schroeder, Chief Revenue Officer at Douglas Products, is thrilled about Bruederle joining the team. He emphasizes that Bruederle’s regional expertise, knowledge of ProFume, and global experience are valuable assets to the company. On a personal note, Bruederle enjoys raising and showing sheep, volunteering for livestock and agricultural committees, and working on cars and motors in his free time.

Douglas Products is a specialty products manufacturer that has been producing high-quality brands in agriculture production and structural pest control markets for over 100 years. The company values partnerships with customers to build mutual business value.

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