Overcoming the Odds: A Retired Teacher’s Journey to Completing an Online Business Degree at Southern New Hampshire University

Spotlight on SNHU: Lynda Jarrett

As she stood on the stage at Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU) to receive her online bachelor’s degree in business administration, Lynda Jarrett couldn’t help but feel a sense of pride and accomplishment. At 65 years old, she had finally achieved her goal of completing her education.

Initially considering a return to the field of education, Jarrett was intrigued by SNHU’s program and ultimately decided to pursue a business degree. She appreciated the flexibility of the online platform but admitted to feeling intimidated at first. However, she soon realized her capabilities and found the support to keep moving forward.

One moment that stood out for Jarrett was receiving her first grade in the program. It was a validating moment that solidified her decision to attend SNHU. She praised the instructors for truly listening to her and providing guidance throughout her studies. This affirmation fueled her determination and perseverance, motivating her to overcome any challenges that came her way.

Jarrett emphasized the importance of support and compassion within the SNHU community. She highlighted the kindness shown to her and fellow students by the faculty and staff. This sense of community and encouragement played a significant role in her educational journey.

During Commencement, Jarrett celebrated alongside her fellow students, acknowledging the significance of the graduation ritual in fostering a sense of belonging and unity

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