“Overcoming Challenges: Eastern Finland’s Path to Recovery Amidst War and Financial Difficulties

The EU’s assistance is crucial for Eastern Finland

The Russian war of aggression has had a profound impact on Eastern Finland, with the complete closure of the Russian border causing significant damage to the region’s economy. Despite this, Eastern Finland is filled with desire and faith in its ability to recover.

The Finnish Confederation of Business and Industry (EK) has proposed a list of recommendations to help revive the economy and vitality of Eastern Finland. Harry Broman, Chairman of the EC, believes that designating Eastern Finland as a special economic zone would be an effective way to facilitate growth and development in the region.

Broman emphasizes the importance of cooperation between public authorities and business organizations to enable Eastern Finland to thrive. He highlights the need for a realistic approach given the difficult financial situation in Finland, which underscores the need for collaboration between public and private sectors.

The recommendations include improving air connections to Eastern Finland, increasing investments in tourism, implementing a broadband program, and providing support for companies experiencing growth, skills shortages, and changes in ownership. Broman also calls on the EU’s solidarity to support Russia’s neighboring countries facing significant challenges due to the crisis.

While there is strong determination and optimism among Eastern Finland’s companies, it is important to remember that maintaining viability in the region requires both economic and security considerations. The prospect of returning to normal trade relations with Russia is unlikely given current circumstances, making it essential for collaborative efforts between public and private sectors to drive growth and sustainability in Eastern Finland.

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