Ohio Living Case Manager Rene Smith Honored as Frontline Hero in Home Healthcare Industry

Frontline Tribute: Recognizing Rene Smith of Ohio Living Home Health & Hospice

Case Manager Rene Smith of Ohio Living Home Health & Hospice has been recognized as a 2023 Frontline Honors honoree by Home Health Care News. Smith was chosen for her dedication, high performance, and passion for improving the lives of older adults and aging industry professionals. She is also an advocate for her patients, her colleagues, and the industry.

Smith began her career in the home health care industry as a State Tested Nurses Aide (STNA) and quickly developed a love for direct patient care. She pursued a career as a Registered Nurse to learn more about disease processes.

One of the most important lessons Smith has learned since working in the industry is that patients often lack knowledge about their health conditions, making them their own worst enemy. She emphasizes the importance of educating patients about their medical conditions in a way that they can understand so they can take better care of themselves.

Smith enjoys educating her patients and believes that knowledge is power. Teaching patients how to manage their health conditions can greatly improve their overall well-being. In her view, healthcare is an emotionally charged profession that involves celebrating the highs and empathizing with the lows of each patient’s journey alongside their families.

Smith hopes that society will gain a greater understanding of the emotional and dedicated nature of healthcare providers like herself who spend countless hours helping patients improve their well-being, supporting them through every step of their healthcare journey. The Frontline Honors Class of 2023 can be viewed at frontlinehonors.agingmedia.com/.

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