North Charleston Unveils $25 Million Sports Complex, Reinforcing Commitment to Community and Health

North Charleston officials cut ribbon to open new sports complex

North Charleston’s new sports facility, the North Charleston Sports Complex, was unveiled on Thursday. The $25 million complex was built after the demolition of the Danny Jones Athletic Center over a year ago. It features a 25-meter competitive pool, a multi-use gymnasium for various sports, five outdoor tennis courts, a multi-use roller rink, and a playing field.

Mayor Reggie Burgess expressed gratitude to citizens for their support and tax dollars that helped create this space for youth to access sports tools. He emphasized the city’s commitment to community and wellness, stating that the complex reinforces their dedication to providing recreational opportunities for residents. Burgess highlighted the importance of ensuring that North Charleston is a place where community and health are intertwined.

City officials believe that the new sports complex will elevate North Charleston’s status as a premier spot for sporting events and sports tourism. By attracting regional and national tournaments, the city hopes to boost the local economy. Burgess envisions the complex as a place where sports fans can engage in activities, and young athletes can develop their skills and talents, much like he did at the former sports center in 1970.

The North Charleston Sports Complex is open for tours until 7 p.m. on Thursday, with the tennis courts and roller rinks available for use starting Friday. The official opening day for the entire facility is Monday. The facility serves as a symbol of the city’s investment in community well-being and its commitment to providing opportunities for residents to lead active and healthy lifestyles.

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