New Entrepreneurial Milestone as Food Lion Carries Aunt Carol’s Sauce: Spring Wine Tasting Room Openings and Closures Mark Hampton Roads’ Thriving Food and Wine Industry.

Grocer to Carry Sauce Created by Virginia Tech Graduate

In Hampton Roads, Food Lion will soon carry a bottled red sauce created by Tahjere Lewis, a Virginia Tech graduate. Lewis turned a family recipe into a commercially available product called Aunt Carol’s Sauce at the young age of 24. This marks a significant milestone for his entrepreneurship journey, as Food Lion is one of the largest retailers to agree to carry his product.

As spring arrives, winemakers in the region are reopening their tasting rooms to welcome visitors. AmRhein’s Wine Cellars in Bent Mountain recently opened its tasting room on April 6th, and Villa Appalaccia Winery in Patrick County exceeded expectations with its March 15th opening. However, Stanburn Winery in Stuart has announced that it will be closing after the upcoming season. Despite this news, both the food and wine industries seem to be thriving in the region, with new products like Aunt Carol’s Sauce hitting store shelves and wineries welcoming guests back for tastings and tours. These developments indicate a positive outlook for local entrepreneurs and businesses in Hampton Roads and beyond.

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