New Cabinet Takes Shape as Luís Montenegro Prepares for Challenging Times

Luís Montenegro assembles a heavyweight Government with no far-right ministers

After being ordered by the President of the Republic to form a Government, Luís Montenegro returned to the Belém Palace a week later. In a brief hearing with the Head of State, he revealed the chosen names for his team. The list, which had been previously kept secret, was released shortly after. Montenegro surrounded himself with a team of political heavyweights in preparation for uncertain and unstable times due to its parliamentary weakness.

Key positions in the new Government have been assigned to prominent figures. MEP Paulo Rangel will handle Foreign Affairs, while Joaquim Miranda Sarmiento will serve as Minister of Finance. Another important figure, Miguel Pinto Luz, will oversee Infrastructure and Housing. The team faces significant challenges such as TAP’s privatization and housing issues affecting the middle class and youth.

Miranda Sarmiento inherits a positive fiscal scenario, with the largest budget surplus in 50 years. This surplus will allow the new team to address demands for salary improvements in various professional groups. Despite pressure from far-right party Chega’s leader André Ventura, Montenegro excluded Chega from the Government, causing tension between him and Ventura.

The new Cabinet includes seven women in key ministerial positions. Montenegro’s decision to exclude Chega reflects his commitment to governing with the PS. The future Government is expected to navigate a complex political landscape with challenges such as addressing salary demands and managing parliamentary scrutiny.

In conclusion, Luís Montenegro has formed a government with a team of experienced politicians who are ready to face challenging times ahead. With their expertise and commitment to governing effectively, they can overcome obstacles such as TAP’s privatization and housing issues affecting middle class and youth while maintaining transparency through parliamentary scrutiny.

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