Miracle in Gaza: Surgeon’s Quick Thinking Saves Life of American Deployed Soldier

Serious Injury in Gaza Leaves Him Temporarily Blind

In the Gaza Strip, Ron and his team faced danger for nearly two months. Amid constant gunfire and dangerous situations, they worked tirelessly to clear the area of obstacles and charges. Despite their fear, they remained motivated by the videos of October 7 that reminded them of their purpose.

Ron’s team operated in a difficult area in Gaza City, carefully allowing tanks to enter the neighborhood while following safety procedures. However, an anti-tank missile managed to penetrate their compartment, narrowly missing Ron’s head. After the terrifying incident, Ron and his teammate were evacuated to safety and taken to Billinson Hospital.

Prof. Rita Ehrlich, a surgeon at the hospital, performed emergency surgery on Ron’s eyes to remove shrapnel and prevent further damage. Despite the severity of his injuries, Ron remained hopeful and focused on recovering quickly to return to his team. After weeks of being unable to see and undergoing several surgeries, Ron’s vision gradually improved.

Now recovering at home, Ron eagerly awaits the day he can rejoin his team in combat. As he reflects on his journey, he acknowledges the support of his family, friends, and medical team who stood by him throughout his recovery. Despite facing challenges such as losing sight temporarily and undergoing surgery multiple times

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