Justice Denied: Carlos Peña’s Disappointment with Federal Judge’s Ruling on SWAT Team Damage Claim

LA County Business Owner Compelled to Pay for Damages Incurred During SWAT Raid

Carlos Peña, a North Hollywood business owner, is expressing his disappointment after a federal judge ruled that the City of Los Angeles will not be held responsible for compensating him for damages caused by a SWAT team nearly two years ago. Peña feels frustrated and defenseless in light of this decision. The incident occurred on August 4, 2022, when a federal fugitive entered Peña’s print shop and assaulted him before law enforcement intervened.

The chaotic scene included U.S. Marshals and the LAPD’s SWAT team, who engaged in a 13-hour standoff with the suspect. The authorities used tear gas, which contaminated all of Peña’s printing equipment and supplies, including printers, ink, T-shirts, and banners. Despite Peña’s efforts to file a claim for around $60,000 in lost equipment and wages, the U.S. Marshals denied his claim, leading him to sue the city for damages.

A federal judge ultimately ruled that the government is permitted to seize property in the course of criminal investigations, absolving the City of Los Angeles from compensating Peña for the damages incurred during the standoff. This decision has further devastated Peña, who has since relocated his business operations to his garage and has experienced an 80% decline in business. He has lost faith in the government and feels abandoned in his time of need, especially since the suspect was not apprehended despite the extensive destruction caused by law enforcement.

Peña feels that he was unfairly targeted by law enforcement officials who failed to properly handle the situation. He believes that they should have taken more precautions to prevent any collateral damage or harm to innocent people like himself.

Peña is determined to fight back against what he believes is an unjust decision made by those in power. He plans on continuing his legal battle until justice is served and he can rebuild his business once again.

The incident involving Carlos Peña highlights how easily innocent people can become victims of law enforcement actions gone wrong. It also raises questions about how much power law enforcement agencies have over private property owners and their ability to protect themselves from harm or loss.

In conclusion, Carlos Peña’s story serves as a cautionary tale about how quickly things can go wrong during high-stress situations involving law enforcement officials. It also underscores how important it is for individuals to have their rights protected at all times.

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