Jordanians Protest Against Israeli Policies: Tensions Rising in the Middle East

Many anti-Israeli protesters arrested near Israeli Embassy in Amman

On March 25, dozens of Jordanians were arrested by police for attempting to storm the Israeli Embassy in Amman, as reported by Reuters. Witnesses claimed that the police used batons to disperse the demonstrators. The anti-Israeli protests near the Israeli Embassy have been ongoing for three consecutive evenings, with thousands of Jordanians participating.

The protesters are calling for action against Israel’s aggression against the Palestinian people. They are demanding that the Jordanian government cancel all agreements with Israel, including the peace treaty (Wadi Arba agreement) and the gas agreement. Additionally, they are requesting a ban on land deliveries of goods from Persian Gulf countries through Jordan and a prohibition on vegetable exports.

On March 26, an anti-Israeli demonstration also took place in Aqaba, where some participants carried portraits of Yahya Sinouar and Hamas flags. These protests reflect growing tensions and calls for action against Israeli policies in the region. The situation remains volatile as both protesters and authorities navigate the complex political landscape.

The protests have sparked controversy among Jordanians, with some calling for peaceful solutions to conflicts with Israel while others demand more aggressive action. Some Jordanians fear that their country’s relationship with Israel could be damaged by these demonstrations, which could lead to economic sanctions or other forms of retaliation from Israel.

Despite these concerns, many Jordanians continue to support the protests and call for an end to Israeli aggression against Palestinians. They argue that their country has a responsibility to protect its own interests and those of its neighbors in the region.

As tensions rise between Jordanians and Israelis, it remains unclear how these demonstrations will impact future relations between the two countries. However, one thing is clear: peaceful solutions must be found if any lasting peace is to be achieved in this volatile region.

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