JH Educational Technology’s Financial Health Evaluated: Insights into Its Future Prospects and Long-Term Potential for Growth

JH Educational Technology Full Year 2023 Earnings Show Increase in EPS to CN¥0.24 from CN¥0.23 in FY 2022

On March 29th, 2024, the financial health of JH Educational Technology (HKG:1935) was evaluated based on its earnings and revenue history. The company reported a full year 2023 revenue of CN¥873.3m, up 6.6% from the previous fiscal year. Net income also saw growth to CN¥388.2m, an increase of 5.9% from the prior year. Despite this, JH Educational Technology’s profit margin remained steady at 44%, while earnings per share rose to CN¥0.24 from CN¥0.23 in FY 2022.

Understanding the balance sheet is crucial when evaluating a company’s financial health, and detailed analysis of JH Educational Technology’s financial position is available along with a graphical representation of the balance sheet for more information on their financial health.

Determining if JH Educational Technology is over or undervalued can be complex but can be simplified by analyzing fair value estimates, risks, dividends, insider transactions and financial health through a comprehensive analysis which provides valuable insights into the company’s future prospects and long-term potential for growth.

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