Israel Seeks Greater Self-Sufficiency in Defense with 20,000 M4A1 Carbine Tender

20 Thousand Israeli-made Assault Rifles Purchased by Ministry of Defense for IDF

The Israeli Ministry of Defense has announced a tender for the acquisition of 20 thousand M4A1 automatic carbines, with the possibility of purchasing an additional 20 thousand. The tender stipulates that at least 51% of the gun’s components must be manufactured in Israel, with final assembly taking place exclusively in the country.

The IDF has traditionally sourced the majority of its small arms from the United States using American military aid funds. However, concerns over potential arms embargoes have led to a shift in strategy towards increasing domestic production capabilities. As part of this initiative, the tender specifies that only parts which do not require special import permits may be brought in from other countries.

The current Israeli companies – IWI, Emtan Carmiel, and Silver Shadow – meet the Ministry of Defense’s standards for firearm production. Following the evaluation of tender submissions, two winners will be selected to fulfill the procurement contract. This move towards domestic production reflects a broader effort to enhance Israel’s self-sufficiency in defense manufacturing.

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