Hamas’s ‘Terrorist Base’: How Shifa Hospital is Being Used as a Front in Gaza Conflict

Hamas fundraisers sanctioned by US and UK

The recent discovery has exposed the “intelligence treasure” of Hamas: they have transformed Shifa Hospital into a terrorist base. The US Department of the Treasury and British Department of Foreign Affairs have sanctioned the “Gaza Now” website and its director, Mustafa Ayash, for supporting Hamas financially, materially, and technologically. Additionally, British citizen Ozma Sultana and her two companies were sanctioned for transferring funds to “Gaza Now” post-terrorist attack.

The assets of the sanctioned individuals and entities were frozen in both the US and UK, with all financial relations banned. Treasury Undersecretary Brian E. Nelson emphasized the commitment to disrupting Hamas’s funding sources, including online campaigns. British Treasury Baroness Weir echoed this sentiment, vowing to cut off funding for Hamas and similar groups hindering peace in the Middle East.

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