Garmin Faces Lawsuit over Wristwatch Touchscreen Patents from Non-Practicing Entity Slyde Analytics LLC

Garmin Accused of Patent Infringement for Smartwatch Technology

In the US District Court for the Eastern District of Texas, Garmin Ltd., a smartwatch seller, is facing a lawsuit by Slyde Analytics LLC, a non-practicing entity. The lawsuit alleges that Garmin’s products violate patents related to wristwatch touchscreens and other watch technology.

The nine patents in question, as outlined in the complaint, generally pertain to methods and apparatuses related to wristwatches with a digital display. Specifically, Garmin is accused of infringing on Patent 9,651,922, which outlines a method for a wristwatch to detect fingers and interpret touch signals. This claim is based on Garmin’s production and sale of smartwatches with a digital display.

Slyde owns the patents in question and seeks damages for the alleged infringement. The case is now before the US District Court for the Eastern District of Texas, where it will be further examined and decided upon. However, Garmin has yet to provide a statement regarding the lawsuit and its allegations.

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