From Cardiologist to Fisherman: A Tribute to Dr. Jeffrey S. Dennis’ 44-Year Dedication to Broward Health System

Broward Health Honors Doctor for 44 Years of Service Upon Retirement

Dr. Jeffrey S. Dennis, a board certified cardiologist, has been dedicated to the healthcare system for 44 years. After completing his fellowship in cardiology at Emory University, he moved to South Florida in 1980 and joined a cardiology group of two other cardiologists that provided advanced cardiac care at Broward Health Medical Center, Broward Health Imperial Point, and Broward Health North.

During his time at Broward Health, Dr. Dennis played a key role in the opening of the catheterization lab at Broward Health North in 1985. He was a respected figure in the physician community and joined the Broward Health Physician Group in 2010, taking on various leadership positions while working at Broward Health North.

As Dr. Dennis embarks on retirement, he plans to spend his time fishing and boating, as well as cherishing moments with his eight grandchildren. His contributions to Broward Health and his commitment to providing exceptional cardiac care will be remembered and cherished by all.

Broward Health expresses gratitude to Dr. Jeffrey S. Dennis for his dedication to the healthcare system over the past 44 years. He played an important role in opening the catheterization lab at Broward Health North and was respected by the physician community during his tenure with the Broward Health Physician Group.

As Dr. Dennis retires from practicing medicine, he plans to spend his time pursuing hobbies such as fishing and boating while also enjoying time with his family members including eight grandchildren.

The healthcare community wishes him well on this new chapter of his life while recognizing the significant contributions he made during his career as a board-certified cardiologist serving patients across three locations within Broward Health.

In summary, Dr. Jeffrey S. Dennis is a highly respected board-certified cardiologist who served for 44 years with great dedication to providing exceptional cardiac care at three different locations within Broward Health System before retiring to pursue personal interests such as fishing and spending quality time with family members including eight grandchildren.

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