Flushing BID Launches New Initiative to Combat Theft and Homeless Disturbances with Free Self-Defense Classes.

Flushing BID offers free self-defense classes for business owners due to safety concerns

Flushing Business Improvement District (BID) has recently introduced a new initiative to address the growing issues of commercial retail theft and homeless disturbances in the area. To do this, they have started offering free self-defense classes to business owners and workers who feel unsafe in Flushing. These classes will be held at the Sheraton LaGuardia East Hotel Ballroom and taught by a professional martial artist specializing in Taekwondo.

The program aims to empower small business owners with self-defense skills, making them more confident and capable of handling real-life situations. The classes will cover various techniques including kicking, grabbing, and de-escalation strategies that can be used to defend oneself in case of emergencies. The program is open to individuals within zip codes 11354 and 11355, providing support to small businesses that may feel vulnerable due to rising crime rates and concerns about police response times.

Dian Song Yu, the executive director of the Flushing BID, emphasized the importance of this program for small businesses. She hopes that these classes will bring comfort to participants and enable them to protect themselves in case of emergencies. Larger stores may have security guards, but smaller businesses may not, so this program aims to make all businesses in downtown Flushing feel safer and more secure.

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