Expert Meeting to Shape Future Climate Change Report on Cities in Riga

Framing the Special Report on Cities and Climate Change: Exploring Climate Science, Policy, Fiction, and Narrative

The Special Report on Climate Change and Cities, which will be part of the Seventh Assessment Report (AR7) of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), is set to have a scoping meeting in Riga, Latvia on April 16. This report will be the only one included in AR7, and its purpose is to establish its structure, focus, and framework.

The scoping meeting will bring together leading climate scientists and city experts who will utilize their wealth of knowledge from scholars, city networks, and previous IPCC reports such as the Summary for Urban Policymakers from the Sixth Assessment Report. Despite the existing body of work, experts are using this opportunity to broaden their knowledge, expand their perspectives and test the narratives that will shape the outcome of the report.

Meanwhile, The Carnegie Endowment for International Peace is hosting a special discussion that brings together IPCC authors, climate policy experts and writers who employ fiction and narrative to challenge the limits of science and policy. The event will feature an overview of the upcoming Special Report readings from Invisible Cities where authors collaborate with science and policy communities to create new fictional representations of cities facing climate challenges. Additionally there will be a broader conversation on the significance of narratives in driving climate action.

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