Embracing Solitude: The Benefits of Alone Time for Our Health and Well-Being”.

Boosting Your Mental Health by Mastering the Art of Being Alone

As I walked alone on a quiet, winding trail, the path was hard to follow and slick with snow. But despite the challenges, I felt grateful for the warm sun on my face. I missed my partner, but also felt a sense of freedom that came with being on my own.

As an adult in the UK or US, we spend around one-third of our waking lives alone. This increases as we get older and live in greater proportions than ever before. In fact, a recent survey of 75 countries found that 17 of them have more than 25% solo households. Research has historically pointed us away from time alone, but now more people are recognizing its benefits for their health and well-being.

I reveled in my solitude during those couple of hours, feeling wide-ranging emotions including curiosity, anxiety and joy. It was a welcome period of calmness and clarity in an otherwise chaotic world. As I returned to civilization, I felt refreshed and renewed. Solitude is not only inevitable but also essential for our overall well-being.

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