Dental Hygiene Professionals on the Move: EMS and Oral Science End Partnership

Moving forward, clients of Oral Science will receive direct support from EMS.

Effective March 8, 2024, EMS has instructed all dental offices that purchased an AIRFLOW® Prophylaxis Master, AIRFLOW® One, or any related products through Oral Science to contact EMS customer service directly for any questions or concerns. This change means that Oral Science will no longer be able to provide service on EMS products purchased through them.

However, Oral Science will continue to sell their inventory of EMS products until clearance is complete. Despite ending their relationship with Oral Science, the CEO and co-founder of Oral Science, Daniel Ménard, expressed regret over the situation. He noted that Oral Science’s Dental Hygiene Specialist Team looks forward to continuing their partnership with leading Canadian dental offices.

Individuals can contact Daniel Ménard directly via email for any questions or concerns regarding this situation. Additionally, readers can find more dental news on the latest updates in the industry.

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