Communities Across Wisconsin Take Steps to Improve Mental Health, Showcasing Best Practices and Making a Positive Impact

Medical College of Wisconsin Releases Mental Health Strategy Guide

Several communities across the state are taking steps to improve the mental health of their residents by implementing new strategies. The Medical College of Wisconsin’s Advancing Behavioral Health Initiative has compiled lessons learned from 10 coalitions, showcasing what works best in various regions.

One such coalition is Connections for Mental Wellness in Green Bay, which has implemented initiatives such as providing mental health care in schools, mental health “first-aid” training, and a mental health services navigation website. Executive director Kathleen McKee explains that each coalition is focusing on specific strategies to improve mental health outcomes and track their progress over time.

The website, launched by the initiative, has been visited over 350,000 times by individuals seeking support. Over 750 people in Brown County have been trained to recognize signs of a mental health crisis and provide appropriate support and resources to those in need.

McKee emphasizes the importance of talking openly about mental health and seeking help when needed, as it is a sign of strength. By sharing their successes and resources with other communities, they hope to continue making a positive impact on mental health support statewide.

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