Chatham Middle School Science & Technology Fair Showcases Innovative Student Projects in 2024

Local Announcements: Winners of the 2024 Science and Technology Fair in CMS

The 2024 Science & Technology Fair at Chatham Middle School took place in the school gym, featuring entries from students in grades six through eight. Each grade level had winners chosen for their projects.

In the sixth grade, Miles Schuster investigated the impact of outside temperature on the efficiency of solar panels. He used the Scientific Method to test his theory and found that higher temperatures decreased the efficiency of solar panels. In seventh grade, Jack Galvin studied which fruit or vegetable contained the most energy. He used Problem Solving Method to find his solution and discovered that bananas had the highest energy content among fruits and vegetables.

The eighth-grade team of Lucy Tassinari and Logan Van Wie examined the effectiveness of various heat protectants. They developed a hypothesis about which heat protectant was most effective and tested it using Problem Solving Method. Their study showed that aluminum foil was the most effective at protecting against heat loss.

Judging for the fair was done by Chatham’s high school and middle school science and technology faculty during classes, with students visiting to view the projects. The fair was open to the public in the evening, where winners were announced at the end of

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