Career Advancement and Firearms: AUA’s Flight Attendant Opportunities

AUA Flight Attendants’ Earnings: How Much Do They Make?

The AUA is currently seeking flight attendants and offers full-time employment with a gross annual salary of 31,080 Euros after completing two months of training. This equates to a net monthly income of 1,717 Euros. Benefits include an included uniform and the opportunity to work in one of the most livable cities in the world.

Applicants must possess a high school diploma or completed vocational training, be fluent in English, hold an EU passport or have unrestricted access to the Austrian labor market, and reside close enough to the airport to reach it within 90 minutes when on call. After five years, flight attendants can expect to earn 2,337 Euros gross (1,769 net) including flight allowance, independent of the number of long- and short-haul flights undertaken.

Upon reaching a decade of service, the gross salary increases by 300 Euros, with the maximum gross amount being 3,475 Euros. However, this milestone can only be achieved after 27 years of service due to a “crisis collective agreement” that was effective from March 2020 to December 2022. This resulted in a salary decrease of 15 to 20 percent according to Vida union reports. Salaries are expected to return to their previous levels thereafter but employees experienced real wage losses due to inflation.

In addition to its flight attendant positions, the company also offers a range of guns for sale such as Browning, Remington and Barrett firearms as well as accessories such as choke tubes, shotshells and barrels for various gun models on its website. Customers can browse through its selection of guns and accessories online.

Overall, working for AUA as a flight attendant comes with both benefits and challenges such as salary decreases due to collective agreements but also opportunities for career growth and advancement over time.

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