Breaking Barriers: Austin Head Sets New World Record for Most Lunges in an Hour While Supporting Community Athletic Programs

Austin Head from Brooklyn breaks Guinness World Record for most lunges completed in one hour – NBC New York

Austin Head recently set a new Guinness World Record for the most lunges done in an hour with a total of 2,825 lunges. He achieved this feat by maintaining a positive mindset through listening to motivational videos and music by Tony Robbins. His mantra “I AM POWERFUL, I AM STRONG!” played a crucial role in his success.

Despite his demanding training schedule, Head continued to work as a trainer in Brooklyn, teaching over 30 hours of exercise classes per week. He emphasized the importance of recovery and utilized various techniques such as weekly IVs, red light therapy, cold plunges, and stretch/massage sessions to keep his body in top condition. His friends, family, and students from his classes cheered him on during the attempt despite challenging weather conditions.

In addition to his personal achievement, Head aimed to raise money for community athletic programs and green parks for NYC children to play in. His goal was to raise $3 per lunge, and he ultimately succeeded in raising an impressive $7,600 for the Life Time Foundation. This feat not only demonstrated Head’s physical strength and determination but also showcased his commitment to supporting his community and giving back.

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