Bidding Farewell to WordPad: Microsoft Removes Basic Text Tool from Windows 11 and Server 2025

WordPad being removed from Windows 11 in version 24H2, Microsoft announces

Microsoft has announced that it will be removing the WordPad text tool from the next version of Windows 11, 24H2, and also from the Windows Server 2025 platform. The basic word processor included in many versions of Windows since 1995 will no longer be supported. In September, Microsoft advised users to use Memo Pad for plain text documents and Microsoft Word for rich text documents instead of WordPad.

Microsoft has updated its support document to confirm that WordPad will be removed from all Windows editions starting with Windows 11 version 24H2 and Windows Server 2025. This announcement comes after Microsoft confirmed that the next update of their operating system will be Windows 11, not Windows 12 as previously speculated by some.

The removal of WordPad signifies a change in Microsoft’s software offerings, as they are shifting away from this text processing option in favor of others. Users will need to adapt to this change by utilizing alternative programs for their word processing needs. Although WordPad has been a staple in Windows operating systems for many years, Microsoft is moving towards a more streamlined software lineup for future updates.

In conclusion, the removal of WordPad from the upcoming versions of Windows is a significant change in Microsoft’s software offerings. Users will need to find alternative programs for their word processing needs and adapt to this new change in order to continue working effectively with the latest version of Windows.

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