Behind the Scenes of Panasonic’s CES2024 Press Conference: A Look into the World of Corporate PR

Panasonic PR People Vlog #3: A Look Inside Our Las Vegas Business Trip to CES 2024 – Featuring Employees and Partners

In this episode, we delve into the world of Panasonic Corporate PR Center members Ren and Han as they prepare for a press conference at CES2024. This year’s event is known as the world’s most famous consumer technology trade show, and Panasonic is eager to showcase its latest innovations.

The Panasonic PR team is busy getting ready for the event, and we get a behind-the-scenes look at the stage and booth where they will present. One term that frequently used in Japanese PR is “pre-con,” which refers to the preparation process leading up to major events like CES. Ren and Han provide insights into what goes on during this crucial time and how the Panasonic PR team navigates through it.

During CES, Panasonic made headlines with its carbon neutrality and circular economy initiatives. The company is focused on achieving Panasonic GREEN IMPACT through its latest technologies. The theme of Panasonic’s exhibit at CES this year was centered around sustainability and innovation. Media members were curious about Panasonic’s initiatives and asked many questions about them during the event.

We see how the team works tirelessly to create an engaging presentation that highlights their company’s achievements in sustainability, innovation, and technology. We also hear from Ren and Han about the challenges they faced during pre-con, such as coordinating with different teams and managing tight deadlines. Despite these challenges, they are determined to make sure their presence at CES is impactful and memorable for all attendees.

Overall, this episode provides a unique insight into the workings of a corporate PR team in preparation for a major event like CES2024. We learn about their goals, challenges, and strategies for success while also seeing firsthand how their company is making a positive impact in the tech industry through sustainable practices.

Watch the video to learn more about Panasonic’s presence at CES and the impact they are making in the tech industry through their innovative approach towards sustainability!

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