Aurora Police Urge Public to Speak Up about Sexual Assaults at Aurora Employment Testing”.

Police urge victims of sexual assault at Aurora drug testing business to step forward

Aurora police are urging the public to come forward if they have any information about Arben “Ben” Duka, a 60-year-old man accused of making unwanted sexual contact with clients of his urinalysis service. Duka was arrested on March 15 for an incident that occurred in October, where he allegedly sexually assaulted a woman after she provided a urine sample at his business, Aurora Employment Testing.

Further investigation revealed two other instances in October of 2023 where Duka had unwanted sexual contact with women during or after they provided urine samples. The Adams County District Attorney’s Office has charged Duka with unlawful sexual contact without consent and invasion of privacy for sexual gratification, both misdemeanors.

Aurora police have expressed concerns that there may be more victims who have not reported similar incidents of unwanted sexual contact to the police. Detectives are urging anyone with additional information about Duka or who may have been victimized while visiting Aurora Employment Testing to come forward. They can contact the police at 720-913-7867 and reference the case number AP23-202838.

It is important for members of the public to speak up if they have any information about Duka or his alleged crimes in order to help bring justice to his victims and prevent future incidents.

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