Audi Brussels Makes Tough Decision to Close Electric Car Factory in Forest

Audi Brussels cuts production and lays off 371 temporary workers

In a press release, Audi Brussels spokesperson Peter D’hoore announced that interim contracts will not be extended at the factory in Forest, which produces electric cars exclusively. The decision was described as tough due to the challenging economic conditions and uncertainty surrounding subsidies in some markets that have contributed to customer reluctance to purchase fully electric vehicles.

As a result of this decision, the factory has had to adapt its production processes and layoffs were communicated to the unions during a works council meeting. The ABVV issued a strike notice in an attempt to negotiate a reduction in the number of dismissals, but this has left union representatives and employees feeling frustrated.

The unexpected nature of the decision and lack of preparatory conversations have added to the confusion and uncertainty surrounding the future of the factory in Forest. The Q8 e-tron is currently produced there, but a smaller, cheaper counterpart, the Q6 e-tron, is not manufactured there. Discussions with management about allocating a new model are ongoing, with an announcement expected in November.

The impact of these changes on the factory and its employees is significant, and potential solutions are being sought to address the challenges faced by both parties. The ABVV and other stakeholders are closely monitoring the situation and actively engaging in discussions to find a way forward for both the factory and its workforce.

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