April Fool’s Day Celebrates the Best Sports Pranks in History: A Look Back at Rotowire’s Top Picks

Phillies’ prank labeled one of the most iconic in sports history

As April Fool’s Day nears, sports enthusiasts everywhere are preparing to engage in some good-hearted fun. In celebration of the holiday, one fantasy sports publication decided to look back at some of the most memorable pranks in sports history. Rotowire, a well-known website that provides fantasy sports news and player updates, compiled a list of these iconic pranks and shared it with their audience.

One of the standout pranks on the list was when former Philadelphia Phillies pitcher Kyle Kendrick was told he was being traded to Japan. The prank was orchestrated by Phillies pitcher Brett Myers and fooled many people within the organization, including the manager and general manager. Even Kendrick’s agent was in on the joke. Although he initially fell for the prank, Kendrick eventually discovered the truth but still considers it one of the greatest pranks in MLB history.

Another highlight from Rotowire’s round-up was when Los Angeles Lakers rookie Tony Bobbitt claimed he was going on a date with actress Lucy Liu. This false claim caused quite a stir within the sports world at the time. Additionally, Rotowire mentioned a prank on Charles Barkley by a Japanese reporter, showing that even big names in sports can be targets for playful tricks.

As we approach April Fool’s Day, it’s important to remember that sports history is full of entertaining and sometimes outrageous pranks that showcase the lighter side of sports and the fun that can be had off the field.

In conclusion, as April Fool’s Day approaches, we should all take some time to reflect on some of

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