Affordable Health Benefits for Nebraska Farmers: How LB1313 is Making a Difference

Ag Nonprofits’ Health Benefit Plans Approved by Unicameral

On March 28, Nebraska lawmakers approved a bill sponsored by Senator Robert Dover of Norfolk, LB1313, aimed at providing affordable health benefits to farmers and ranchers in the state. This legislation states that health benefit plans sponsored by certain nonprofit agricultural organizations, operating under a self-funded arrangement administered by a licensed third-party administrator, will not be subject to insurance regulation.

To be eligible under this bill, an organization must have been created primarily to support the development of rural communities and the economic stability of Nebraska farmers, among other requirements. Before offering health benefits, an organization must submit a certification to the state Department of Insurance confirming that it meets the necessary criteria.

This bill also allows for the risk assumed by a health benefit plan to be reinsured by a company authorized to do business in Nebraska. LB1313 passed with a unanimous vote of 45-0, reflecting strong support for the initiative among lawmakers. This bill marks a significant step towards ensuring access to affordable health benefits for those in the farming and ranching community in Nebraska.

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